Re: is my email being tapped?????

Brian L. Fritz (
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 23:27:54 -0500

> a little bit ago, some of my messages to the list and elsewhere went
> through, but I got additional messages with the title "message not
> deliverable" sent to me personally (not via the list) with the body of
> those messages attached. I'll paste the header info below, if anyone can
> tell me if possibly my email is being tapped, or for some other
> reason... THanks....

> "/c=US/admd=ATTMAIL/prmd=gov+dot/o=FAA/ou=FAAgw/dd.ccMail=Administrator
> 'at'ANM040/"

"ANMO40" seems to lead the FAA's Northwest Mountain Region web sites.
There is a Civil Aviation Security Division associated with this region.
FAA investigators may be monitoring this list because of all those
flight 800 posts back in November.