Re: Justice is so revenge

Yak Wax (
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 11:18:01 -0800 (PST)

Alright, time for a different approach:

Justice is not revenge. So let me rephrase my original statement -
"Maybe justice isn't the best solution, maybe there's something
better." Now, the problem with our perception of justice is that we
see it as the enforcement of good. So just to make life more complex,
I'm disputing the idea of what is good and what is evil (and what is
anything inbetween.) I would especially dispute the idea of a
"greater good" and although some things may be good for society (which
I understand to mean "all of us") justice is a purely subjective
concept based on individual preferences. But we seem to treat it as
something greater, our current justice system is there to enforce the
law of the state, when it is and should be, an individuals choice as
to what he/she considers right or wrong.

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> The big difference between justice and revenge is the role of passion,
> emotion. I can very dispassionately state, beleive and practice a
> of seeking redress and compensation for unjust confiscation and
> violation, without being as blinded by emotions as many people get.
> People who are vitimized, and are demanding the death penalty before
> trial begins are seeking revenge. Those who are impartial judges,
> assuming innocence until judged guilty by a jury of peers, and then
> as swiftly have the convict shot are seeking justice. Big difference.
> Those who seek revenge are righteous, and are thus prejudiced. THose
> seek justice are impartial until proven otherwise by an examination of
> all of the relevant facts.

It may be bullshit, but it's inspired bullshit
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