Dr. Seed on becoming god-like

Chris Hibbert (hibbert@netcom.com)
Thu, 08 Jan 98 09:32:06 -0800

Did ya hear the immortal words of the impressive Doctor Seed?
He's the one proposing to start a cloning clinic (because he can
thereby help more people have the children they want) and make a
ton of money (he hopes.) NPR played a sound bite in which he
justified his plans by using biblical sounding languague to say
something on the order of

God made us in his image. We're becoming more like him all
the time. This [developing the ability to clone] is one of
the important steps we need to take in becoming more like
God. God intended for us to be like him, and for us to
become more like him.

What wonderful rhetoric! Can anyone find the exact words that
Dr. Seed (no, I'm not making up the name!) used? I encourage
extropians to find ways to use rhetoric like that when
appropriate (when talking to the religious or the deluded.) We're
just doing what God wants; God made us in his image; we're trying
to become more like him in as many ways as possible.


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