Re: Re "Immortality gene revealed."

Brian D Williams (
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 08:50:08 -0800 (PST)

From: "Natasha V. More (fka Nancie Clark)" writes:

>Today and yesterday, an advantage is a healthy womb or as Damien
>says, a "youthful" womb. Tomorrow there will be replacement wombs
>such as synthetic wombs that are far more hospitable than today's
>biological womb. When this happens, (and it is just around the
>corner), the entire act of procreation from fertilization to
>delivery will occur outside the transhuman body.

The "Axolotl Tanks" of the Theilaxu in Frank Herberts "Dune"
series. Actually this whole cloning debate resembles the book
series. The Theilaxu (masters of genetic engineering) were always
refered to as "The dirty Theilaxu" by everyone else, even as they
used their products and services.

The Theilaxu refered to their genetic knowledge as "The Language of

At least they were lucky enough to have their own planet,
geographical distance seems essential.....

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