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Max M (
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 16:39:51 +0100

Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> This is the old semantic problem that always comes up in this argument.
> They are all "me", but not *this* me. If another me survives, do I care
> that the current me dies?

In a future with multiple versions of the same personality we will
probably have to think differently. If a person x splits into two
personalities x1 & x2, xn might not care that the other one dies but x
knows that after a split he will have a greater chance of surviving.

If it furthermore was possible to merge the different personalities into
one after some time. Then their combined memories would become x1+2 wich
could then be split again. into new copies. the chances for survival of
a single personality would thus become greater.

Imagine if a million personalities are roaming the universe, sharing
their memories this way. Would the loss of a single personality mean
much then? What if it was the old meat persona that got lost, would that
be a big loss to "me"?

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