Re: News Article About Human Cloning..

Harvey Newstrom (
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 09:21:03 -0500

I support human cloning, but these quotes by Seed bother me:

eyehi quoting AOL article quoting The Associated Press quoting Seed:
> Seed acknowledged he is unsure if he can accomplish his goal, and
> genetics researchers questioned whether human cloning is yet
> technologically possible.
> Seed, who says he has a doctorate in physics from Harvard but is not
> affiliated with any institution,
> Seed said earlier he hoped that within 1 1/2 years he would produce a
> pregnancy capable of lasting at least two months.

Seed is not sure this will work. Seed's area of expertise is not
medicine or biology. He has not previously been involved in any cloning
research. And what does that last statement mean? Does it mean that
his clones can't even last through a complete pregnancy to a live birth?
That doesn't sound like a very viable clone to me.

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