Boatpeople-2000? (was Re: ...nor any drop to drink (was Re:

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Wed, 07 Jan 1998 23:30:28 -0800

I should have added two other things:

>At the same time, you are knocking off your intestinal flora. You get
>diarrhea==even more fluid loss.

Add nausea to the diarrhea (I know someone is going to gig me on this!)



>People who run out of drinking water should have had a ROGA desalinization
>pump onboard. Unfortunately, the cheapest one I've found sells for $500 at
>West Marine, so it's not within the budget of a boat-person or refugee.

That's with *today*'s tech. Reasonable extrapolation leads to the
conclusion that you won't be able to keep 'em down on the collective farm
after they've seen _Baywatch_. SO expect a crackdown in certain places on
mere possession of personal desalination gear as prima facie evidence of
intent to emulate Prisoner Number Six. :\ :)


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