Re: Extropian gods

Derek Strong (
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 18:54:45 -0800

To me, the most interesting consequence of the possibility that the universe
was constructed by some being (let's call him Frank) is the new spin it puts
on age-old spiritual questions: WHY did Frank create us? Did Frank make us
mortal or immortal? Can Frank make a rock so heavy even he can't lift it?

At least with Jehovah, you knew what to expect. He'd send all us sinners to
hell, and the saints would live blissfully ever after. But what's the deal
with Frank? Is he just running us, like a game (or a screensaver), during
the few cosmological minutes he must pass while waiting for the bus? If so,
is he going to shut us off when the bus arrives? Are there other reasons why
he might need to shut us off? What would it mean? Has he backed up his disk?
Do we need to fear death or not?

If you ask me, Frank can't be trusted. (As the saying goes, "Absolute power
corrupts Frank.") It's in our interest to break out of this damn simulation,
and get ourselves more durable bodies in the "real" universe. How do we do
that? I can't give all the details yet, of course, but I'm pretty sure we
need to start with getting a whole lot smarter and more powerful (presumably
so we can figure out how to access and manipulate the controls of the

So you see, to me, the possibility of god doesn't induce passivity at all.
Quite the opposite, it adds a whole 'nother motivation for rapid
self-transformation. If we don't evolve, we'll never be able to usurp god.

Derek Strong aka Derek Ryan
Webmaster, Extropy Institute