Re: Richard Seed: Media Nut

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 07 Jan 1998 12:43:41 -0500

M. E. Smith wrote:
> I probably heard the same quote by Richard Seed
> (aired on NPR), and I think what Seed said was pretty
> unusual in ways... If his intent was to throw out a
> few comforting words to religious people to minimize
> the flack from them, he failed, as what he said will
> enrage the Christian fundamentalists.
> Sure, he starts out pretty conventionally
> (religion-wise):
> (from my memory) "God created man in his image..."
> but then he goes off on an unusual tangent:
> (I paraphrase from memory) "and it is inevitable that
> we will eventually achieve god-like powers and become
> practically like gods. So, these scientific advances
> are in line with God's will..."

THis is what I mean by a meme grenade.

THis implies that our own striving for godly powers is obviously part of
gods plan, else why would we be able to do it in gods universe if it
weren't? Kind of the 'if man were meant to fly' routine. Since we can do
it, then He must want us to, obviously.