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Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 21:08:16 -0500

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> Michael Lorrey <> writes:
> > However, the feature of extropianism/transhumanism that
> > interests young people a lot is the idea of getting smart without all of
> > the tiring, boring, pain in the butt studying.
> Yes, this is IMHO a big problem that will grow even larger. I call it
> "miracle pill transhumanism" - the idea seems to be that one day Santa
> will arrive with a nanotech pill that will make us transhuman
> superbeings. No need to worry, just wait for the Singularity. I have
> even seen some people become disaffected with transhumanism because
> "nothing happens"; they don't see their pill on the horizon, and miss
> the true meaning of Dolly, Polly, supramolecular chemistry and agent
> technology, so they conclude that transhumanism is bunk.
> Becoming transhuman requires a lot of hard work, careful planning and
> serious interest. One can certainly improve oneself in one's spare
> time, but to truly grow one have to make it a central part of one's
> life and not just a hobby.
> > People don't want to be wise, they want to
> > be 'smart'. Therein lies the difference.
> So, how to convince people that Wisdom Amplification is as important
> as Intelligence Amplification?

Well, I think that there will also be big leaps in training technologies
for problem solving/decision making in the near future, especially once
the teacher's unions go under. Eliminate the teacher memetic

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