Re: Gun Stuff

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 14:17:57 -0500

E. Shaun Russell wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> >
> >I haven't seen any local news coverage yet, but according to the
> >Canadian papers a prisoner was shot dead in the Maze in Ireland a few
> >days ago. The Maze is probably the most secure prison in the United
> >Kingdom, as it's where Irish terrorists are locked up. If prisoners
> >can still acquire guns despite that security, what hope is there for
> >disarming criminals in the general population?
> Actually, for what it's worth, the person in question (his name
> escapes me at the moment) was shot from outside the prison. Apparently he
> was walking in the chain-linked outdoor portion of the prison yard when he
> was killed. However, the fact that a long-time assassination target such
> as he was given *any* exposure to the outside world defies easy
> explanation. Perhaps the Irish government wanted him to be killed.
What I read in the funny papers ( I wont claim to their veracity), was
that some INLA prisoners in another wing had gotten out of their wing,
come across the roof, and shot the tory prisoner as he was being driven
to the visitors center.