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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 05 Jan 1998 22:37:22 -0500

Brian Atkins wrote:
> So assume you could get together the fundage for something like
> this- how would you structure it to allow the wide ranging
> views of Extropians to be satisfied? Could you come up with
> some kind of self-organizing and very effective structure, or
> would you simply hold a vote of the ExI members and create
> a Director and a heirarchy?

Well, I think that the number one goal should be working to maximize
individual human freedoms everywhere. Not just censorship here or womens
rights there. I mean, the ACLU, as much as I hate their damliberal
stance of avoiding protecting the 2nd amendment, I do respect greatly
for their willingness to at least fight for the 1st amendment rights of
those who even directly oppose what most ACLU members stand for. We
should take a similar stance, only with regard to ALL political rights.
In the US, I think this means we should publicize the 9th Amendment as
much as possible, as that is what gives the most and broadest power to
the people. I kinda look at the 9th as the Curley of the Bill of Rights.
It never gets the attention or respect it deserves, and its always
getting slapped around by the autocrat, Moe.

But in general, we should really emphasize that we don't look at rights
as something that can be treated with a buffet style attitude. Take them
all or take none. BY making this the issue, we paint both sides of the
current political spectrum as extremists, and us as the mainstream that
is for maximizing freedom for the most people.

I think with a general, but firm message like this, we can attract good
PR, support from flighty and often vacuous celebrities (so what its the
message that counts) who can even understand so basic a concept, and
appeal to the broadest range of people. The technological implications
are implicit and can be soft pedalled. We know that it will get here.
What we need to do is prepare the body politic to be receptive to
technology is a way that is not opressive, and to prevent forces from
using technology to yoke mankind firther into slavery.

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