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Anders Sandberg wrote:
> Max M <> writes:
> > In the future when all we >H are uploaded and racing along at our own
> > speed, we will have a serious interface problem. Personally I am looking
> > forward to "the far side party" and am eager to participate. The only
> > problem is in the assumed exponential scale of development that all of
> > my backups and clones will have, as they race through the galaxy.
> > Exponential growths leads to exponential growth in difference. Thus my
> > (or should I say "ours" about me and the clones?) backups will have very
> > different speeds.
> >
> > How on earth are we gonna dance at the party? With so different
> > perceptions of time, Pitch and tempo will seem different to me/us all.
> But there could be a basic "party time rate" which everybody adopts
> (at least when dealing with each other). See Greg Egan's _Permutation
> City_, where the upload civilization in the second half has an
> "official" time rate, and then individuals in their home virtualities
> can run as fast or slow they want, given the available resources.
> > This leads to a more general problem. How are we going to share our
> > memories at the far side? Speech is out of the question I think. Way to
> > slow and imprecise. Being uploaded as I/we are and converted to pure
> > information processing, there must be a better way.
> We need some kind of universal semantics, an artificial "language"
> able to describe concepts well and in an consistent form which
> everybody can translate their mind-states to and from. That might act
> as a working buffer. But the demands on it will be great, since *very*
> alien ways of thinking will meet.
> > Perhaps we should develop a generic human definition, so that all
> > interested transhumans, not only one self and clones, can share memories
> > and experiences? Sort of an icky thought. But who knows how a transhuman
> > will feel?
> Sounds like a good idea. Perhaps a better model would be a standard
> for mental representations rather than definitions, since we might
> pick up a few aliens on the way to the party ("May I present
> Threefoil-5-horoball-54, an intelligent flux-tube tangle I met in a
> neutron star just coreward of the Dumbell Nebula")
> > whew!!! sorry for the lengthy post. Had i had more time It could
> > probably have been shorter. (Wasn't that Mark Twain who said that?)
> I think he said it, but he stole it from Blaise Pascal, I think.
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