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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 05 Jan 1998 20:45:39 -0500

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> [Berrie Staring suggests a cranial pressure valve]
> Let's extrapolate from the narrow case a bit: what other
> body mods would be useful in minimizing the kind of
> catastrophic damage that we want to avoid most (i.e.,
> loss of memory/cognitive function)? Current protocols
> for treatment of head injuries call for the use of an
> intracranial pressure monitor, because treatment is not
> just a matter of keeping excessive pressure down, but
> balancing ICP with blood pressure and other factors to
> ensure that there is adequate blood flow to the brain
> to prevent ischemia. And pressure is caused mostly not
> by blood but by edema.
> So having a builtin ICP monitor, blood pressure monitor,
> heart monitor, respiration monitor and some other basic
> stuff might be most helpful, especially if they were
> tied to a warning system that, say, called 911 when the
> heart stopped or brain pressure went over threshhold.
> Perhaps we could build some standard sensors with skin-
> mounted transducers that could be plugged into a cheap
> Fluke meter at home to monitor as many signs as were
> needed (diabetics would have glucose meters, etc.) Is
> there an existing technology for internal devices with
> external electrical contacts that doesn't have too many
> of its own problems?

Well, a pacemaker. Using induction or capacitance to send signals
through the skin would allow a fluke type interface to be usable.

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