>H is spreading in the Lowlands

Arjen Kamphuis (mountain@knoware.nl)
Tue, 6 Jan 1998 02:41:08 +0100 (CET)

Hi All,

First off, best wishes for eveyone in '98!
(I know, my spelling has a 2K-problem, I'm working on that).

Just got back from 2 weeks of climbing in the Alps and we have our first
new member! I know, just one but it's a beginning ;-)

The other great thing: The news-item about the
nearly-frozen-and-then-thawed-monkeys has been in all the papers in
Holland, no one knows what to make of it and this makes our site hotter
than hot. There also a lot of discussion about cloning technology and it's
posible medical applications. Our hits are up and some of our main memes
are becoming general knowledge. And we're just 5 days into the year! This
feels so incredibly good!

OK, I'll stop before I pop a vein (havent got a valve installed yet ;-).

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