Re: Public Relations?

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 14:17:36 -0800 (PST)

> I think there is a great deal of apprehension on this list toward
> the words "movement", "ideology" and the like. I don't think it
> does much good to do all kinds of handwaving, denying, and
> neologizing to avoid such terms.

Absolutely! The best way to combat irrational emotional reactions
to accurate words is to "reclaim" them; to use them proudly and
without apology.

It is a shame that in our culture in general, "idealistic" has
become an insult and "practical" a compliment, rather than the
reverse, as they deserve.

Even I must admit that there are times when surrendering to
pragmatism is appropriate, as when one hands one's wallet over
to a thief with a gun in your back, but it should always be seen
as a defeat. Pragmatism is failure. Somewhere in our culture,
it became not only acceptable, but desirable.

I am an ideologue, and proud of it. I have no respect at all
for those who /start/ an argument from pragmatism instead of
settling for it when idealism fails. Masking over our own
idealism for the sake of PR is exactly that--it is settling
for defeat before we have even tried sticking to principle.
A principled movement wants people to support its goals; if it
sacrifices those goals just to get people, what are those people
for? Such a movement, where numbers of people are a goal in
itself, is no longer a principled movement, and is forever
doomed to success in its mediocrity.

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