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> John E Westerlage writes:

> >I think maybe Gray's Anatomy or your local equivalent
> >could shed some
> >light on this. It doesn't quite work the way you describe.
> Well, I found a picture in a book about the brain, It was a scan.
> You could see very clearly how the blood had build up between the
> skull and the brain. I agree that this could be a bit missleading
> since this doesn't tell you what happens if something breaks inside
> brain.

There are actually several kinds of stroke. This is a serious
problem for medical professionals because different kinds of stroke
have different treatments. The single most common kind of stroke,
the preferred treatment is anticoagulants -- there are at least two
other kinds of stroke where anticoagulants are *exactly* the *wrong*
thing to do.

The most common sort of stroke is when a blood clot forms within a
blood vessel in the brain (or moves to a narrow, perhaps
already-constricted, location in the brain), cutting off blood to a
portion of the brain. Anticoagulants to help break up the clot are
in order.

Another, somewhat less common sort of stroke is when a blood vessel
breaks, causing blood to pool outside the circulatory system and put
pressure on part of the brain.

A rather less common sort of stroke is when a blood vessel breaks,
and the leakage is not enough to cause the sort of stroke mentioned
in the previous paragraph -- but the blood is flowing through the
break, *not* down the blood vessel, so a nearby part of the brain is
deprived of blood.

And there are other sorts...
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