Re: Stroke ! ....just a thought

Berrie Staring (
Sun, 4 Jan 1998 11:17:08 +0100

Hello all

John E Westerlage writes:
>I think maybe Gray's Anatomy or your local equivalent
>could shed some
>light on this. It doesn't quite work the way you describe.

Well, I found a picture in a book about the brain, It was a scan.
You could see very clearly how the blood had build up between
the skull and the brain. I agree that this could be a bit missleading
since this doesn't tell you what happens if something breaks inside

Twink writes:
> I'm no expert, but I'm under the impression that many types of strokes
> are caused when blood vessels break inside the brain, depriving some
> areas of oxygen and nutrients. I'm not sure of the relative frequencies
> of this type of damage... Sounds like a job for Anders???:)

Yes, I agree. Anders help us out here.
Is it worth the effort to drill hole's :-)

> It sounds neat, but the image that appears in my head is of someone
> so afraid of a stroke that she gets these release valves put in only to
> find all her favorite activities -- scuba diving, skiing, kick boxing,
> soccer, rough sex -- precluded.

You are right of course; it should add a great deal of value
in saving you from possible brain-damage, to give up all this.
I don't have a clue what the chance is of getting a stoke.
They had an advertising campaign in Holland recently regarding
this, and they claimed something like the second place on the
"what can happen to you list....". But the actual numbers
slipped my mind.


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