Re: Stroke ! ....just a thought

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Sat, 3 Jan 1998 18:27:44 -0500 (EST)

At 10:26 PM 1/3/98 +0100, Berrie Staring <> wrote:
>Since I want my brain to be frozen in the best state
>as possible (...if we don't solve age-ing, before I die that is)
>I'm intrested in all the things that can happen to it.

A seemingly sober desire.

>I came up with this, regarding a stroke.
>As far as I know you get blood between the skull and
>your brain. The presure will damage your brain !
>(please correct me if I'm wrong)

I'm no expert, but I'm under the impression that many types of strokes
are caused when blood vessels break inside the brain, depriving some
areas of oxygen and nutrients. I'm not sure of the relative frequencies
of this type of damage... Sounds like a job for Anders???:)

>Well, what if we make hole's in the skull upfront, with some
>"valve's" that act only when the presure inside is too high ?
>Aside from the funny things sticking out of your head,
>what do you think of it ?

It sounds neat, but the image that appears in my head is of someone
so afraid of a stroke that she gets these release valves put in only to
find all her favorite activities -- scuba diving, skiing, kick boxing,
soccer, rough sex -- precluded. Or of her getting into a car accident
on a very hot day, bumping her head and bleeding to death before
the paremedics can arrive. I would not want to give up all those
things that make life worth living, which I hope to continue into the
far distant future on the off chance of a stroke.

Now, those are just my horror images. Before going further, one should
examine how often this type of stroke is likely, what parts of the brain it
happens at, what one's susceptibility rate is, and whether pressure relief
is the solution. It the type of stroke is highly unlikely or one is of very low
susceptibility, then the cost might be too high -- the effort could be
invested in other life extension measures or just in enjoying life. Etc.

Now, let's say this is a very serious matter, then we might look into
designing such valves which can allow one to lead an active life-
style, be esthetically appealing (i.e., invisible:), give off some kind of
warning (wouldn't want to bleed to death because the release valve
is so good at evacuating the brain case of excess fluids:), and be

Just MHO.:)

Daniel Ust