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Yak Wax wrote:
> Michael Lorrey <> wrote:
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> > Yak Wax wrote:
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> > > > SInce when does all crime derive from revenge?
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> > > Revenge is justice, justice is law, crime is unlawful. No
> revenge, no
> > > justice, no crime, problem solved.
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> > But not all justice is revenge, nor does all law seek to attain
> justice,
> > and given the existence of unenforced blue laws and the concept of
> civil
> > disobedience as a social responsibility, as well as all of the
> > non-criminal regulations, not all unlawful behavior is therefore
> > criminal.
> Can you give examples of justice that isn't revenge?

WHile victims families may feel like they have avenged the death of
their loved one when a muderer is put to death, but as far as I can
tell, the death penalty serves two functions: a) it is supposed to serve
as a deterrent, and b) it permanently removes from society in a manner
that is far less expensive than life in prison those individuals who
have proven their in ability or unwillingness to function in society
with respect for the right to live of others. You may call it revenge, I
call it evolution in action.

> And if the law isn't enforced it doesn't relate to the original idea
> of this message, which was to enforce law (I think.)

it works with the one in the middle, the one about not all laws being
just. It is recognised by the courts that it is the individuals civil
responsibility to disobey unjust laws. If a law enforcement officer
fails to enforce a law, they are legally to be considered accessories to
the one who disobeyed the law, so unenforced laws are examples of those
laws which the state disobeys, because they know they are unjust (or
merely are 'unjust' to someone who has paid off the state).

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