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Hara Ra (
Fri, 02 Jan 1998 15:46:56 -0800

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin wrote:
> > But that doesn't really address the problem. A lifting body would
> > give you more control over where it hit the ground, but if a huge
> > fast moving object is to come to a stop then the colossal kinetic
> > energy in it must be transferred as heat to the Earth or its
> > atmosphere. I'd rather rock absorb that mammoth force than the air,
> > and if was a really big asteroid it wouldn't matter where it hit the
> > ground.

No reason to use huge objects with reentry. One ton objects can reenter
easily, be readily recoverable and if over an empty landing zone (pick
the desert of your choice) unlikely to damage much.
> Assemble really huge power storage devices (batteries, capacitors,
> whatever) and wrap them in something that will convert the re-entry
> heat to electricity. Charge them up on the way down and then hook
> them to the power grid for a while.

No way to do that. And kinetic to thermal to electrical is not an
efficient method. I have read proposals where the KE was absorbed by
"catcher" satellites which used a reverse form of mass driver. However
the guidance precision needed is extreme.

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