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Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 02 Jan 1998 23:28:07 -0500

Anton Sherwood wrote:
> Michael Lorrey reports
> : ... I just won a legal victory against the City of
> : Seattle. They had been claiming for years that I was a resident of
> : Washington State, simply because I had once got a speeding ticket there
> : while stationed in the area in the Air Force. ...
> And that made you a resident forever after? Wow. There must be ways
> to exploit this, for people who want to claim residency somewhere but
> can't normally qualify.

These WA pigs. They said that since a) I was a stockholder in a WA
corporation, that made me a resident (even though the articles of
incorporation signed by the secty of state recognised my NH residency)
and that since I had a 'record' of a ticket, that that made me a
resident, even though I was registered to vote in, and kept my legal
residence in and DL in NH.

Well, even here, in Lebanon, NH, a lot of people work in vermont but
live in NH and have to deal with vermonts income tax. I'm currently a
contractor to a vermont located company, but since my office is in NH
and they have a post office box in Hanover, NH, I get all of my checks
paid to me through a bank account that is on their hanover PO box. A lot
of people in this area who both live and work in VT get a NH post office
box for a year to establish residency and to try to work this dodge.

I know that Washington State is a bit rabid about claiming as many
residencies as possible since there is a loophole in their sales tax
that exempts residents of states that have no sales tax (New Hampshire
happens to be one of the 8 remaining, which was the main reason for my
doing my utmost retain my NH residency, outside of coming from a state
with the cool motto of "Live Free or Die", for a while there in Seattle,
freinds were calling me "Sales Tax Mikey" since they were asking me to
make purchases for them... he he.), and the citizens do as much work
trying to get out of the consequences. Most southern Washington state
residents try at one time or another to get an Oregon address
established. One guy even got elected to the state senate in WA, but got
caught later having an Oregon registered car (which he stupidly used to
commute to Olympia for senate sessions).

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