Boredom and uploading

Max M (
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 02:58:55 +0100

I have been wondering about living for ever and ever. That if I was
uploaded and running a Gazillion times faster than now, and living
Billions of times longer than now.

Wouldn't life at some point get boring?

As far as I can see the solution is to not only become a weak super
intelligence. But to actually become more intelligent.

As I am now, the only things that i find interesting are the things I
find hard. Compare something like tic tac toe to chess. Any adult
playing tic tac toe and concentrating about it can hardly loose. At the
same time chess is a very complex game. The rules are a little harder,
but the main challenge comes in the complexity of the system and all of
the possible variations.

I find things interesting right now that animals doesn't. Storytelling,
Pretty pictures, music, science, philosophy, mathematics (well sort of),
Probably as a >H i will find things interesting too that I can't even
comprehend or fathom right now. Therefore I think it will be a long time
before I will get bored.

Thus Max M's first rule of >H ;-) is:

As i get more intelligent and understands the problems I currently have,
i will find new and interesting problems.

I Look forward to chess being as transparent to me as tic tac toe is
right now, and me playing some kind of 1000'th dimensional checkers.

Or maybe then I will still try to understand my own mind which will
probably race ahead of my "self" in complexity.

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