Re: [MEDIC] extropian medicine

Twink (
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 12:43:49 -0500 (EST)

At 08:32 AM 1/2/98 -0800, Brian D Williams <> wrote:
>Actually home medical devices are a very popular market, ever since
>the first home blood pressure kits became available, and of course
>home pregnancy tests, and now, home cholesterol tests. I guess not
>so surprising in this hypochondriac society of ours where people go
>running to the doctor for antibiotics at the first sniffle.
>Two of the more recent popular devices, a device that gives instant
>temperature readings by reading it off the inner ear, and a new
>device that uses a combination of infrared/ultrasound to detect
>fluid buildup in the inner ear.

I would like to see some sort of organism-wide testing device that could
monitor people closely so that they could tailor their life extension programs
to ongoing changes in their bodies. Of course, there is much research to
be done, but such a device could provide lots of data -- if enough users
are willing to share it.

I'm sure someone has come up with the idea before. Has anyone heard
of it? And why has it not been built?

As a practical aside, which specific dimensions would be most useful to

>These make very extropian gifts by the way, and especially for
>friends with young children.

Good idea! Getting people familiar with having/using such devices not
only helps to spread our ideals but demystifies medicine and medical tech.

Daniel Ust