Re: Re Stateless persons

Dwayne (
Sat, 3 Jan 1998 02:28:25 +1100 (EST)

> From: "Alexander 'Sasha' Chislenko" <>
> >It may be useful to start a community of stateless persons - a
> >global "phyle" that would protect your interests and supply you
> >with some information - in exchange for financial or other
> >contributions. What would be a good name for it?
> Mr Lee's Greater Hong Kong....... ;)
> Ref: "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson.

There's a better example in his "Diamond Age" but I forget what they were

It's an example which has often appealed to me, but the problem lies in
having your phyle (what is the origin of this term, BTW?) defend your
widely dispersed interests in territory owned by others. How does the
cavalry get past the border patrol to rescue you?