Happy new Year !! Dolly

Berrie Staring (staring@worldonline.nl)
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 00:42:16 +0100

Of course first: Happy new Year all !!

second: (a bit late, but still...) Darren Congrat. with Joshua Lee

and yes.....I would like to kick off 1998, with a question ? :-)
(shigh.......of course I hear you think :-)

Anders wrote:
> Overall, I think biotechnology stole the show this year. If there is
> a single breakthrough to remember it is Dolly. Not because cloning is
> important, but because it showed so clearly that 1) things that look

I tought the breakthrough was "the fact" that they could clone
a "grown" cell (and get a brand new sheep out of it)
, not the fact that they could clone !?

Or ......was it clear for everybody that Anders ment this part !? ;-)

For me: it was sad to see, that this part was so largely left
out in the Media. All we got was "ban" the twins off Hitler

My wish for 1998: less Diana-emotions and more rational-love


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