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Mon, 31 Mar 1997 20:27:11 EST

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>I just don't know what to say....I guess this means BASIS is the
>those guys killed themselves...or something.
>What a bunch of kooks.

All this stuff about one little religion. I've followed this religious
stuff for man years
now, and it doesn't sound much diffrent than any other christian dogma
of all the
christians of the world. Almost all christains and many other religions
feel they
have to die to enter heavens gate. Many think it will be done in a
rapture where
all rightous people will leave their humanly carcasas on earth and be
taken up to another
place at god's (some alien who they don't know) bidding. Sounds the same
to me. Most
christains today fully and openly plan to die, and even look forward to
it. This is
why it's so hard to get them interested in transhumanism. They want to
go an
be an angel or trekee in socalled gods kingdom, or on his spaceship,
who knows what they will do.

I think the entire USA is making a bunch of hoopla about something they
say is weard
inyet they are all a bunch of weard hypocrytes, because they believe the
same thing. The
only diffrence, is that most christians and others don't have enough
guts to get it
over with on their own timeline.

I would say that almost all religious fanatics of this sort that are
death orented are kooks.
It's time people start seeing through this BS.

Loren Hardy