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Gregory Houston (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 02:44:13 -0600

Guru George wrote:

> And it's not just sensors
> that are the problem. As I understand it, emotions are mediated by the
> 'R-complex' and limbic system in the brain. These electro-chemical
> processes create the kinds of events we call 'pleasure' and 'pain' in
> response to stimuli.

Thank you George for developing this further than I was able to. With
that said, I feel necessitated to start digging into this stack of books
(on neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and neuropsychology) which I have
bought, but have yet to read. From an initial glance over them though
you would be amazed at how vaguely they deal with emotions. One book had
the following to say in its "Conclusion".

"I do not suggest for a moment that the material I have described is
anything like the complete and final answer to these questions.
Neuropsychology is still a very young science, taking its very first
step, and a period of thirty years is not a very long time for the
development of any science. That is why some very important chapters,
such as motives, complex forms of emotions and the structure of
personality are not included in this book."

Inward! Onward!

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