Re: META: List Archives Revision

David McFadzean (
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 15:43:08 -0700

At 02:10 PM 28/03/97 -0500, Crosby_M wrote:
>I have noticed the recent revision of the list archives.

The mailing list archives are too big to regenerate in HTML format
on a nightly basis. I've switched it to do only the last month
of postings.

>I'm wondering though, is the archive going to continue building until it
>gets too large again and stuff has to be taken off line; or, is the Web
>archive going to start fresh with each month so that it's always only
>the latest month's data on line? Is the older stuff truly off line or
>just not available through the
> search interface?

The older posts are still available in

I'll update the latter on a weekly basis. All are accessible through
the HTML form at

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