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Sun, 30 Mar 1997 12:38:12 GMT

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Cam Christie <> wrote:

>As we eventually network our around the galaxy & the rest of the
>universe, are we to parralelled again in history with non fully
>civilised,societies (look at Hitler & the Emporer) having developed the
>technological basis to migrate, are we in for establishing empires of the
>moral & civilised (?) against the facist, totalitarian concepts that came
>so close to devestating Earth.Surely these reptilian (?) creatures would
>have developed the theory of right & wrong,or am I just precautious.
Since I believe that only societies that discover capitalism will be
able to develop the requisite technology, I doubt that we will find many
star-roving socialist/fascist collectives - the only ones we do find
will be ones that stole the technology from the capitalist ones, just
like here on earth. That might happen occasionally, I suppose, but with
the distances involved, it doesn't seem as likely or as frequent as the
earthly case.

This is one of the reasons I have always discounted contactee tales; not
because the possibility of close encounters is implausible, but the
stories they tell are implausible, they just don't ring true, they are
cheesy and cliched collectivist.

If we ever do come across any highly advanced civilisations, you can bet
your bottom dollar they will be capitalistic, trader civilisations.
Their first words won't be "take me to your leader", but "take me to
your dealer". (As an amusing wall poster had it recently, the alien
having a spliff hanging out of his mouth!)

Guru George