Join us! We are Metamorphosis Society.

mizuho hirose (
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 11:12:52 +0900

Interested in an open-ended lifespan, we have made a public
announcement on the Cryonet inviting people to a new
organization called Metamorphosis Society and
started its preliminary activities in Japan.

The key messages transmitted are as follows:

" We have to try our best to make our future in a
good state. Those of you who could endeavor to make
it good to the best of your ability come join us
forming a cooperative network for it and take off to
the future. Our successors will take care of
reanimating us in the way we want."

Join us!! You can find more details at the URL:

The mailing list started on Feb 14, The following
shows some of the participating members:

・瘢雹Kelly Anne Moy (Student coorinator of American
Cryonics Society)
・瘢雹Joseph Strout (Department of Neuroscience, UCSD,
well versed in mind uploading)
・瘢雹Klaus Reinhard (German active cryonicist)
・瘢雹Paul Wakfer (Prometheus Project, President of
・瘢雹Ben Best (President of the Cryonics Society of
・瘢雹Takaaki Kaburagi (Co-founder of Metamorphosis
・瘢雹Mizuho Hirose (President of Metamorphosis

The followings are subjects we talked about in

-The status quo of cryonics in Japan and Germany.
-Study on the feasibility of initial cool-down and
perfusion in Japan
(The pre-treatment should be followed by packing
the body in dry ice and
shipping it for the final cool-down and long-term
storage in the U.S. It
is not too easy; it is necessary to make a speacial
effort to make it
-How best we can spread the concept of the Society
from now on.

Again, Join us! Please contact me at: