Re: Protean Self-Transformation

Paul Hughes (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 16:42:45 -0800 (PST)

Gregory said

> Technology exists
>for the sake of the person, and not vice versa. There is a freaky
>scientific *cult* out there which would like to replace man with
>artificial intelligence. Thats a religious sacrifice.
>I would rather create technology that helps ME evolve rather than
>technology that is suppose to replace me. Just as I won't sacrifice
>myself for a Nation, for a God, or for Aliens, I will not sacrifice
>myself for the sake of technology. I value my existence. I don't think,
>"there could be something better", but rather "I could be something
>Explore and play!

Very well said! When you listen to Hans Moravec, he seems to almost relish the
time when robots will "take over" and "replace" us. Words he has used on many
occasions. Lately, he has started toning down his lanquage by stating that our
robot descendant might take pity on us by uploading us into their matrix.

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