Re: UFO hiding behind Hale-Bopp

Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 17:38:58 -0500

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> > [Re the kook who talked about the UFO in Hale-Bopp on Art Bell]
> > Fraud is a felony, is it not? If so, the law in California clearly
> > states that any deaths occuring during the the commission of a felony
> > are to considered homicides. Ergo, charge the bastard with murder.
> There is no fraud here. Fraud is:

> the act of using deceit
In the face of scientific proof of his error, he refused to acknowledge
he was wrong. Therefore, he was deceitful.

> to obtain
> consent from someone to a proposal of yours that materially harms
> them in some way.

He proposed that the object was a UFO of huge proportions and that
since Hale-Bopp was last here at the time of the Pharohs and Babylon, he
claimed that the UFO was the mythical home planet of the gods referred
to in Babylonian myths.

That people have taken to studying these ancient texts and cribbed many
of the religious practices from Babylon, including the practice of
ritual drug induced suicide/homicide sacrifices is eirily similar to
what was going on (esp. since the tower temple of Babylon, the Ziggurat
was known in ancient Babylon as the Gate to Heaven, hint hint) I think
that there is a major case to be made that he had a big hand in this
whole thing.

The lunatic made no proposals to anyone--he
> wasn't selling tickets to the UFO, or telling anyone to kill himself.
> He was just spouting entertaining nonsense. Just plain lying is not
> a crime.
> If we jailed people for irresponsible speech, we reinforce the
> illusion that most speech is responsible. Every news report is biased,
> and based on bad evidence, and should be suspect. The pretense of
> objectivity in the media does far more harm than a few kooks, because
> it causes our ability to spot the kooks to atrophy.

Well, lets see, Texas is handing down some huge libel judgements against
nationwide news journals, including TIME, Wall Street Journal, as well
as the ABC-Food Lion case, etc...... Looks like lying IS criminal....

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