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Fri, 28 Mar 1997 15:55:48 -0500 wrote:
> The arguments concerning intellectual property all rely, of course, on the
> concept of property. Property itself is not natural, it is cultural. There
> are cultures which have little or no sense of property/ownership, so it is
> not even a given of civilization. Since it is an artificial concept we can
> define it any way , and we can assign moral values to the ways it is used.
> If we define it distinctly, there will always be factors which are not
> accouhnted for. If we define it indistincly there will be even more
> arguments. Whats good for one may not be whats good for many. Intellectual
> property is an even more artificial aspect of property. What the
> intellectual changes still coming in our lifetimes will make possible or
> practical is still apparently unclear. These are my thoughts.

You are correct. now think about what is of value. Take a non property
oriented society, any one. None ever developed a high level of
civilization on their own.

A non property oriented society could never develop things like
industry, the internet, or the space program. A society which does not
have the imagination to develop concepts like property obviously does
not have the intellectual capacity to develop calculus or information

Of course property is an artificial concept. That is my central thesis,
that as beings that are capable of creating abstract concepts, we are
anti-entropic beings. Due to this, our creative abilities are what needs
to be protected and nurtured more than any other part of our beings. IP
law does this magnificently.

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