Re: Protean Self-Transformation

Tony (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 05:13:41 -0700

Yes, the suicide was obviously non-technical, but they believed that they
would be transformed/saved by aliens with an advanced technology.
And yes, I *do* think there is a perverted from of religion buried
somewhere in extropian philosophy, only because the idea that we can become
more than human is a very ancient meme. For example one could argue that
Extropianism has elements of secular Judaism (as pointed out by Lyle
Burkhead a few months ago) with a technism twist.


>> there is a perverted form of transhumanism buried somewhere in their
>> philosophy...
> Transhumanism by non-technical means is a common religious goal;
>indeed, it rather predates (and possibly indirectly inspired) notions
>of transcending via technology. Persons with that historical
>perspective might with equal justice say that there is a perverted
>form of religion buried somewhere in the Extropian philosophy.
> What is uncommon here most notably includes the attempt to achieve
>non-technical transhumanism by ritual mass suicide.
> -- Jay Freeman