Re: FYI:w00f: UFO hiding behind Hale-Bopp: the plot

Steve Edwards (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 19:16:30 -0600

>> The group members apparently committed suicide in the belief a UFO,
>> shielded behind a comet, would take them to heaven.
>THis really ticks me off. They ought to press murder or some other
>charges against Shramek, the amateur astronomer who claimed that he
>spotted a huge "saturn-like" ufo behind Hale-Bopp several months ago.
>It's his scientific fraud that perpetrated all this crap. The fact that
>he was shown to be wrong but refused to acknowledge the truth publicly
>is a damn crime. THis is one example of all the people he's hoodwinked
>with his BS.

I've never heard of Shramek, nor do I care about astrology. I don't even
see how you can call it a "scientific fraud." It's just plain crap,
undifferentiated from what you can see and hear constantly on talk TV, or
talk radio, or dozens of pseudo-science programs. It's entertainment, or
what passes for it, these days. Still, that doesn't make Shramek guilty of
murder. Certainly, we must have a higher standard than that. We can't even
convict OJ Simpson!,,