Re: Opinions as Evidence

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 17:43:09 -0500

Robin Hanson wrote:

> Anyway, we have moved away from your claim that you can easily
> generate examples to demonstrate the ubiquity of "opinion divergence
> on matters of fact, where each side knows of the other's opinion".
> Your only example so far is of religious fundamentalists, which still
> leaves open the possiblity that aside from religious wackos, most of
> us are reasonable people. A better example for your case might be the
> OJ trial, though opinions on race come close to religion in many ways.

Try these:

JFK assasination
Roswell Incident
MLK assasination
Why we "lost" Vietnam
The abortion controversy
The Philadelphia Experiment
The Holocaust
the Rosenberg Trial
the Alger Hiss trial
Contragate (esp. Ollie North)
the Big Bang
the Second Amendment

any questions?

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