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> California Suicide Group Ran Web Programming Service
> ****California Suicide Group Ran Web Programming Service 03/27/97 TOKYO,
> JAPAN, 1997
> MAR 27 (NB) -- By Martyn Williams. The deaths of at least 39 people in
> Rancho Santa Fe, California, in what appears to be a mass suicide, has a
> connection with the Internet. The group were apparently members of a
> religious group, World Wide Higher Source, and that they financed
> operations by running a Web site design and programming service, "Higher
> Source Contract Services."
> The e-mail listed as a contact,, appeared in 27 different
> Usenet messages alongside the name "Stewart Craft." All the
> messages found were concerned with Web programming. The most recent
> messages were posted exactly one month ago, on February
> 27th. Newsbytes did discover a mirror of the down Higher Source Web site
> is available at , but reveals little
> about the group except for its Web design service.

On the contrary, the website indicated that those who "are the core of
our group have worked together for over 20 years." I must say that in my
opinion, they have been doing some quality work on the sites they've

I think its interesting that the owner has had trouble trying to sell
the property, due to the ongoing "religious practices" on the property
whenever the agents brought customers by. SOunds like a motive to me,
considering the $1.6 million value of the house.....

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