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Chris Hind (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 01:34:32 -0800

>Currently, this research is contained to labs merely. But I guess
>autonomous agentry should be pretty interesting to mil people. Might be
>useful for the fully automated battlefield they are planning to
>unleash on us unsuspecting civilians.

It is very likely that a future hitech military won't be such a bad thing
except for the enemy. Consider a future of pitting genengineered cloned
soldiers augmented with cheeta legs or additional sensory input against
other genengineered cloned soldiers from different countries. The whole
idea of the future of military keeps taking me back to that one part of
Neil Stephenson's SnowCrash when that cyborg dog broke the sound barrior
running alongside the highway and detonated all the windshields. The future
of military is high accuracy and nearly a video game with all the remote
control over the battlefield.

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