Re[2]: What is to be done?

Guru George (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 00:20:29 GMT


My comment was directed at Squirrel, who seems to me to agree that there
is a connection between libertarianism and transhumanism, but thinks a
good strategy for spreading transhumanism is to keep quite about
libertainism. I just thought that was a cowardly approach. He thinks
it's subtle. There it stands.

I had no intention of directing that comment at people like yourself who
sympathise with transhumanism but doubt that there is a connection
between transhumanism and libertarianism. That's your opinion. I think
you're wrong, and we could argue about it; but I don't hold your opinion
in contempt.

I would say it's quite vital for variations on the transhumanist theme
to come together in this forum and criticise each others' ideas. That's
a libertarian commitment on my part.

Guru George