Remember Our Goals (Cryonics) / Meme Propagation

Mike C. (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 10:15:39 -0500

Cryonics is important and should be explored,
but it should not distract from our true goals.
We want metamorphosis not stasis.
I confidently say few of us want to specificly become a frozen mom/popsicle
for the rest of eternity.
We would be intact, alas slightly dead is still too dead.
We want to evolve into a dynamic state more able to acheive our dreams.

Cryonics only allows more time to wait for technology to develop
that will suit our needs for repair/augmentation
and will eventually not be needed.
Given time it will evolve
into a portable and immediate sort of suspension
which will be used to halt damage( ie. paramedics transporting patients ).
A useful device for all but the metamorphosist
who would not allow it's self to become damaged
and that is what we intend to become.

In closing I wish to remind all that the future is where success will be.
When you walk keep your eyes looking forward.

> -How best we can spread our beliefs?

Let every one know they are already allies.
promote the most fundamental beliefs that all share
in new and universally beneficial ways.
Use simple well liked words
that imply what you are saying yet have no fixed meanings
and link them to words you want people to think about.

<Gentic engineering>
Why shave your legs
when you can shave your genes?

<Space colonization>
In search of the heart and soul of love and life,
to make the world a better place,
to give to all friendship and peace,
I'll take my quest to outer space.

Do you think I could be a commercial pitch man?