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> Hey, where's my reference? I want to read up on those technectium deposits.

Sorry, it'll take a bit for me to dig them up. In the meantime, I
suggest any reference on neutrinos, historical SNU levels (Solar
Neutrino Units), and neutrino detection efforts. Currently, the big
quandary in the neutrino astronomy community is "Where the heck are
they?" While we know they exist, as they have been detected, physics and
our observations of the sun indicate that the current SNU level of
around 1.5 SNU is one quarter of that thought necessary to sustain
current solar photon flux levels. This means either that we are not
seeing them all, or that we don't fully understand exactly how the sun
works. Given that it takes somehwre around 5k-10k years for current
fusion reactions in the core to radiate their heat to the surface, this
could mean that we are in for a really cold time in several millenia, or
that the sun was once much hotter than it is now. Based on technicium
levels in molybdenum deposits (apparently either direct or indirect
neutrino interactions cause the natural synthesis of technicium isotopes
in such ores, I'm not sure how, but I'll dig up some info), the earth
was once bathed in neutrinos to the level of 8 SNU (a Solar Neutrino
Unit is I beleive is one neutrino interaction per 10^36 atoms), though I
could be wrong). Whether these neutrinos were generated by our own sun
or by a nearby gamma ray burster is not determinable at this time.


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