Nanotechnology Conference: Call for Abstracts

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>Subject: Nanotechnology Conference: Call for Abstracts
>Fifth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology
>5-8 November 1997
>Palo Alto, California
>This conference is a meeting of scientists and technologists working in
>fields leading toward molecular nanotechnology: thorough three-dimensional
>structural control of materials and devices at the molecular level. The
>conference will cover topics relevant to the pursuit of molecular control:
>* supramolecular chemistry and self-assembly
>* proximal probes (e.g. STM, AFM)
>* biochemistry and protein engineering
>* computational chemistry and molecular modeling
>* computer science (e.g. computational models, system design issues)
>* natural molecular machines (e.g. flagellar motor)
>* materials science
>* mechanical engineering (CAD) and robotics
>Keynote: Richard Smalley, Rice University
> 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
>Argonne Mathematics and Computer Science Division
>Caltech Materials and Process Simulation Center
>Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science
>Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
>Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory NERSC
>Molecular Graphics Society of the Americas
>NASA Ames Numerical Aerospace Simulation Systems Division
>Ohio Supercomputer Center
>Rice Univ. Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
>Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Dept. of Computer Science
>San Diego Supercomputer Center
>Stanford Univ. Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
>USC Molecular Robotics Lab
>University of Wisconsin-Madison
>Washington Univ Lab. for the Study of Novel Carbon Materials
>Contributed Papers:
>Contributions on relevant topics are solicited for presentation in lecture
>or poster format. Potential contributors are asked to susbmit an abstract,
>including names, addresses, and phone numbers, and an indication whether an
>oral or poster presentation is preferred.
>In choosing papers, priority will be given to:
>* cogent descriptions of the state-of-the-art in techniques relevant to the
>construction of complex molecular systems,
>* well-grounded proposals for multidisciplinary efforts which,if funded and
>pursued, could substantially advance the state of the art, and
>* reports of recent relevant research.
>Abstracts are due 30 May 1997. They can be submitted by e-mail to
>, faxed to +1 415 917 1123, or mailed to Foresight
>Institute, PO Box 61058, Palo Alto, CA, 94036 USA.
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