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Chris Hind (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 23:19:56 -0800

>Gee, Chris, are you sure you don't work for the marketing dept at pointcast?

Hehehe, nope. I'm just a worshipper and promoter of technology.

>This sounds pretty nice, but as I said I'm not sure there is enough
>information being produced in the world of the type that I CRAVE that
>it can come in 24 hours a day. I might have to settle with satisfying
>my FUCKING ADDICTION only, say, 3 hours a day. Poor me.

hehe. I'm sure there is enough information being produced. In fact... I
assure you. Information can be a drug as much as any chemical can.
Entertain yourself to death with information aimed directly at your
personal id. We will all end up like Bill Gates, sitting at our big screen
tvs or using virtual goggles 24 hours a day selecting the information we
find most promising and saving that for later in an endless list of
bookmarks we could never control.

>Unfortunately I haven't seen many specifics of why changing the delivery
>mechanism is going to magically cause these filtering mechanisms to appear.
>So I will be skeptical about Chris's vision for a while longer.

Collective intelligence and Profiles is the key.

>Is there any software out there where you can tell it a set of web pages
>that you like to monitor, and it will go out and check them all to see
>which if any have changed since your last visit? It seems to me that this
>would provide a lot of the benefits touted for push.

Perhaps the program could send your bookmarks to a server on the web using
encryption to ensure everything is secure and compare your bookmarks with
others and create a profile of your interests.

"Risk: You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore."

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