History of Scientific Skepticism

Jeremy Ulrey (julrey@amaonline.com)
Sun, 16 Mar 97 14:04:05 -0600

I am interested in writing a short story collection dealing with the individual's drive to transcend himself in spite of the naysaying public. Between each story I'd like to include quotes from past scientific "authorities" who publicly knocked inventions or discoveries which later came to realization. I'd appreciate any help in either locating sources (books, web sites, etc.) or even specific examples from the members of this list. If you're going to send me specific examples, please include both the actual quote (if available) and the invention or discovery which overturned that quote. If you don't know the quote itself offhand or have no easily available means of looking it up, go ahead and send me the details of what you do know. If this project comes to fruition, upon publication I'll include a thank you list for the contributions I used. Thanks in advance for your help.