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Thom Quinn (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 09:16:23 -0600

I thought that some of you might be interested on this, as the future
evolution of humanity, cultural revolutions, and transhumanism are all
viable topics, but the majority of mailings will be related to
traditional Evolutionary Theory.


I would like to inform everyone here that there is a new mailing list
for the discussion of Evolutionary Theory. Although there are many such
lists that exist for biology, most of them are aimed at a very specific
subset of specialists. The new list is designed for broad, intra
discipine discussions on evolutionary topics. It would be an excellent
resource for professionals to gather information about advances outside
their normal scope (i.e. it will allow fossil hunters to talk to gene

This site should not be used for the evolution/creation debate!

The easiest way to subscribe fir this mailing list is to just visit the
website and fill out the "quick form" right at the site. Point your
browsers at to join the list.