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Chris Hind (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 21:47:20 -0800

>There's something I don't understand about all the excitement over push.
>It seems to me that the push concept conflates two relatively independent
>ideas: content filtering, and when-available delivery.

Thats all it is, just presented in a TV-like way.

>What worries me is that it is just going to be TV all over again -
>the lowest common denominator. Those areas which work best with push
>are going to be the ones where information dribbles out all the time -
>corporate press releases, soap operas, headline news, the stock market
>ticker, the same old garbage. That's not what I go to the web for.
>The web is an infinite library, holding all kinds of information.

Push won't replace pull, it will just complement it and act as a frontend
to pull. There will be no major media networks as there are with
television, you will be able to have your content streamed from anyone
anywhere. You could put up a channel yourself just as you can put up a
webpage today. The only thing that scares people into thinking it's more
like television is how it's arranged very pretty like a presentation with
lots of movement on the screen and information scrolling, blinking, and
moving all over the place. PointCast Network or Microsoft won't be our sole
information providers because microsoft has defined the tags to create push
technology and released them to the public so everyone can do it and the
standards will be adopted universally.

>The real problem is not in getting the information delivered, it is in
>finding it.

This is where profiles come in to learn about you, compare and contrast
your interests with others like you and make suggestions aka "collective

>Once I've found a web page that provides a reasonably complete
>overview of a field, with lots of other links to relevant pages, then I
>have a good source. Yes, it would be useful to be notified when the links
>change or some new information is provided.

Exactly what push is.

"Risk: You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore."

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