Re: HIV=/=AIDS Video

Robert Schrader (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 19:34:12 -0800 (PST)

On Sat, 15 Mar 1997, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

> > Illogical. I think it has been a waste of my time communicating with you.
> > I am sorry spending so much time working on this. It is a lesson for me, to
> > let other people alone, especially if they appear to have already made up
> > their minds, because, in that case, logic and written documentation is not
> > enough.
> No! No! Don't do that. You're forgetting about us lurkers {snip}
> ...the /purpose/ of argument is to clarify the truth for one's own benefit,
> and in a public forum like this, for everyone's.

Generally, I find 'me-toos' to be redundant, but in this case I think
numbers strengthen the request.

lurker #2