Re: NEURO: Advanced neurons?

Hara Ra (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 22:48:58 -0800

Paul Hughes wrote:
> >Yes, but not significantly harder. We already have quite elaborate
> >cellular models, and given the technology needed for an uploading
> >scan we can certainly learn enough about the neural trickery.
> >Anders Sandberg=20

> The idea of an =93uploading scan=94 presupposes that the new ma=
trix one is
> uploading into, is at least equal to if not more complex, efficient and=
> than the one you already posses. My contention, is that the necessary
> (nano)technology to create a better matrix than your brain, is much mor=
> advanced than the intermediate technology necessary to augment or re-en=
> you pre-existing one.

The technology required to record the types and positions of the
molecules in an
object is likely to be much simpler that that required to use said data
to build
a duplicate object. And the duplicator will be simpler than an
device. As a cryonicist I expect I will have to wait for the latter. As
an analogy, think of the fact that duplicating a disk is simpler than
writing the software.

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