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<< You said I was conveniently forgetting about an article Gallo published in

Science in 1983.

No. Do you _read_ my posts? After reading your last post. I see you didn't
learn much about reading scientific papers from my attempt to teach you. So,
I have failed. You said Gallo "himself" argues for HTLV-I and then quote
statements that oppose that (your own) contention. Illogical.

And BTW, I did not say Gallo, I said the 1983 Pasteur Institute paper by
Barre-Sinoussi, et. al. , not Gallo, but I'm repeating myself:

<<Subj: Re: HIV=/=AIDS Video
Date: 03/09/97

<<. . . in 1983 not 1984", you are wrong. Do you follow that? >>

1. I claimed the Pasteur Institute's Barre-Sinoussi, et. al. (not Gallo) in
1983. Do you follow that? Gallo et. al. published in 1984 with HTLV-III
(not HTLV-I).

2. Gallo _never_ claimed HTLV-I caused AIDS, not 1983 and not 1984.>>

. . . and not in 1986 and not in 1997. You quote statements agreeing with me
then turn right around and claim the statements oppose what I am saying.
Illogical. I think it has been a waste of my time communicating with you.
I am sorry spending so much time working on this. It is a lesson for me, to
let other people alone, especially if they appear to have already made up
their minds, because, in that case, logic and written documentation is not

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